Voice-to-text on keyboard in HTC Sense

I've simply obtained my phone updated to Android 2.1. It's a HTC Hero running HTC Sense. Among the attributes I was actually expecting in Android 2.1 was the microphone switch on the keyboard which you can make use of to determine right into any kind of message area.

Nonetheless, this switch does not appear to be there on the HTC Sense keyboard. Exists any kind of means to enable this?

2019-05-07 10:00:22
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Answers: 2

The new OTA upgrade of Android variation 2.10.405.2 consisted of a voice - to - message alternative on the key-board. The microphone key lies left wing of the comma key.

NB : I think this upgrade has just until now been launched to opened HTC phone customers just ... if your phone is secured to a network you have to await your network to push the upgrade.

2019-05-11 17:30:18

Go to Settings, Language and also Keyboard and also see if there is an additional key-board you can enable and also make use of. If there is one, examine package to enable it. After that head out and also open something that calls for message input like a sms message. Lengthy click the message area and also pick Input Method. After that transform to the key-board you simply made it possible for. See if it has the microphone.

If you just have one key-board to enable you can attempt a 3rd party one like Swiftkey Beta. I utilize it and also it has a microphone alternative for speech input. Plus the key-board rocks with all sort of wonderful attributes.

2019-05-09 03:51:14