Munin with recurring customers

I'm presently making use of munin to check a number of linux web servers (along with a couple of WinXP customers ). Nonetheless, munin does its information collection sequentially, and also appears to be really at risk to break when customers disconnect between.

Exist any kind of identical variations?

Exists any kind of means to take care of the instance of a separated customer quicker?

Now, most of my information collection jobs take longer than the 5 mins till the next collection begins, bring about both cautions and also missed out on information factors.

2019-05-07 10:20:37
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Answers: 1

By default, munin-update needs to make use of --fork which "if set, will certainly fork off one procedure for each and every host." Examine whether your circulation really did not disable it.

Additionally, to lower time invested waiting on dead customers, you can make use of --timeout to lower the timeout for a host.

2019-05-12 03:31:05