Programmable MP3 player with audio recording capacity

I'm seeking a tool that :

  1. Is programmable like the iTouch, Android, tools.
  2. I would certainly instead not go Apple, yet the iTouch is a wonderful tool.
  3. I desire a line-in jack or at the very least the capacity to connect an actual mic

What I 'actually' desire is this :

  1. I intend to set it to videotape, place it on the table and also whenever something intriguing is claimed, have the ability to strike a pen switch.
  2. I intend to have the ability to have a food selection of flick quotes, "it mosts likely to 11", "what is your name!?", "How you gon na shed your work, ... on your time off?!", "Groovy child!" ... along with the capacity to videotape my very own quotes. After that I can simply strike a switch and also boom, it plays the quote.

That have to exist, yet otherwise, I can program it myself.

Internet browser/wi-fi would certainly be an incentive.

The Archos tools look wonderful, yet it's unclear that they've obtained line-in's.

2019-05-07 10:21:06
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Answers: 1

Just acquire any kind of Android phone and also you can conveniently have every one of the attributes of an iTouch and also even more. I'm certain you can locate one on Ebay currently for $100 or much less. Possibly an old G1 or something like that. You can make use of cellular phone simply great without triggering them, consisting of Android phones. Yet you will certainly desire an Android that has WiFi in it if you will not be triggering it. In this way you can still make use of the industry and also such.

Update : I forgot that you could also look at devices supported by Rockbox. You will not likely get anywhere near the capability of Android or IOS, yet could be sufficient for you relying on the tool.

2019-05-09 02:53:20