How do I transform the default start web page for Google Apps when I have admin accessibility?

This has actually been a pet dog peeve of mine recently. A couple of affiliates of mine set up a Google Apps account to aid us take care of some job. All was great till I was provided admin accessibility. Currently, when I visit, it goes straight to the admin control panel in contrast to the Gmail user interface for my account.

There is usually little factor for me to supervise anything, and also I generally visit to examine email or a doc. This added action is aggravating.

I attempted looking the alternatives almost everywhere I can consider. Exists a setup I have forgotten?

2019-05-07 10:26:00
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I do not assume you can transform the start web page if you visit from, yet you can bookmark and also visit there, and also you'll be taken straight to your inbox after login. From there, your various Google Apps are readily available in the upper - left.

2019-05-09 03:11:13

I do not assume there is a means to do this. Nonetheless, if you follow their arrangement guidelines, they will certainly inform you to arrangement subdomains for details solutions. So as an example, will certainly permit users at your domain name to login straight to their mail. You do this by establishing a CNAME record which indicates The full guidelines are readily available if you most likely to the management web page, after that control panel, after that Email, after that Change URL.

This merely makes it so when users type a domain name such as it takes them to

2019-05-09 03:08:19