How can I make my first generation iPad's battery last much longer?

What are several of things I can do to make my iPad (Wi-Fi ) battery last a long period of time once it is billed?

I have the first generation iPad and also run iphone 3.

2019-05-07 10:27:57
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If you're running the beta of iphone 4.2, eliminating multitasking applications can additionally influence battery life.

2019-05-11 18:14:29

Turn down screen illumination, do not play video games, switch off bluetooth. Criterion battery life raising pointers.

Just how much longer do you require it? I recognize that the battery life (despite having WiFi) is rather suitable on the iPad.

2019-05-09 04:32:29

Additionally, your iPad's battery life will at some point last much longer if you adhere to the Appleā€™s Advice, particularly pertaining to battery's temperature level.

2019-05-09 04:27:48

If you do not require to connect to a network switch off WiFi. You will certainly additionally intend to enter into the Settings:

  • refuse the illumination (Brightness & Wallpaper)
  • switch off Bluetooth (General)
  • switch off "Push" and also set mail to bring by hand (Mail, Contact, Calendars)/ (Fetch New Data)
  • switch off audios (General)
  • switch off area solutions (General)
  • Turn off Notifications
  • and also examine any kind of applications to see if any kind of survey wifi (if you maintain it on)

For added aid, I wrote a write-up below with images :

In the end, it actually relies on just how you utilize your iPad. All the best! - -

2019-05-09 04:00:26