How can one invoke a keyboard faster way from within an AppleScript?

I require to invoke a keyboard faster way from within an AppleScript code, later on to be made use of as a start-up thing (i.e. the choice to needing to push something at every visit ).

2019-05-07 10:29:23
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I think that what you're attempting to do is a duplicate command (i.e., ⌘C)-- am I right?

Below's an instance from among my manuscripts:

tell application "System Events"
    tell application "Microsoft Entourage" to activate
    tell menu "Edit" of menu bar item "Edit" of menu bar 1 of process "Microsoft Entourage"
        click menu item "Select All"
        click menu item "Copy"
    end tell
    key code 123
end tell

That is, I manuscript the food selection command as opposed to scripting faster ways.

You could additionally have a look and also see if you have /Library/Scripts/UI Element Scripts/Key Down-Up.applescript, which need to offer you alternative suggestions of just how to mimic keyboard activities.

And also certainly, there are a great deal of instances in /Library/Scripts/ and also ~/Library/Scripts/, most of which deserve a search in basic.

2019-05-09 05:47:05