Mac start-up key series

What are the Mac equipments numerous start-up key series?

On the older Macs, Shift made use of to be start without expansions, Ctrl-Apple-O-F would certainly boot to OpenFirmware, (yet really did not the Intel Macs switch over to EFI BIOS's? )

If the faster way is equipment details, please note it.

2019-05-07 10:30:37
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Google is your close friend :

  • Bypass startup drive and also boot from exterior (or CD) : commandoptionshiftdelete
  • Boot from CD (Most late version Apples) : C
  • Force the inner disk drive to be the boot drive : D
  • Boot from a details SCSI ID #. (# is SCSI ID number) : commandoptionshiftdelete#
  • Zap PRAM : commandoptionPR
  • Boot right into open Firmware : commandoptionOF
  • Clear NV RAM. Comparable to reset - done in open Firmware : commandoptionNV
  • Disable Extensions : shift
  • Rebuild Desktop : commandoption
  • Close finder windows (hold prior to finder begins) : option
  • Boot with Virtual Memory off : command
  • Trigger expansion supervisor at boot - up : SPACE
  • Force Quadra av equipments to make use of TELEVISION as a display : commandoptionTV
  • Boot from ROM (Mac Classic just) : commandoptionXO
  • Force PowerBooks to reset the screen : R
  • Force an AV display to be identified as one : commandoptionAV
  • Eject Boot Floppy : Hold Down Mouse Button
  • Select quantity to begin with : option
  • Start in Firewire target drive setting : T
  • Startup in OSX if OS9 and also OXS in boot partition : X or commandX
  • Attempt too from network web server : N (Hold till Mac Logo shows up)
  • Hold down till the 2nd chime, will boot right into 9? : commandoption
  • OSX : Watch the standing of the system load : commandV
  • OSX : Enter solitary - customer setting (covering - degree setting) : commandS
2019-05-08 05:19:27