How can I show numerous Google schedules in iPhone's schedule application?

I arrangement my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 to sync with my Google account according to the instructions from Google. In some way, just the default Google calendar with my name is received the Calendar application. What should I do to make ALL my Google schedules show up and also sync with my iPhone? Many thanks!

2019-05-07 10:31:11
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I think you can just do one Google calendar per account to the iPhone. You can sync numerous Google accounts.

Below are some guidelines, yet I was incapable to get it to function :

It would certainly be a wonderful attribute to have.

2019-05-09 04:52:21

You'll require to create a various account on the iPhone for each and every schedule, yet they can all indicate your one Google account ... You

  1. possibly currently recognize which schedule is the "major" one, as that's the one that the iPhone reviews when you add the Google account You might need to delete that from the phone (not from Google, certainly) in the meantime due to the fact that occasionally the phone will certainly whine that "you currently have a make up this set up."
  2. For each and every non - major schedule, most likely to the schedule information on the Google Calendar internet site and also seek the "ICAL" symbol under the "Calendar Address" area.
  3. Add the account on your phone, after that modify the information for that account and also enter the address from # 2 over as the URL for the schedule. (Under Advanced Settings)
  4. Rename the account on the phone as necessary so you recognize which schedule it is.
  5. Repeat for each and every non - major schedule.
  6. Ultimately, add the account as regular for the major schedule.

It's a little a hack, and also I actually desire there was far better indigenous assistance for numerous schedules in all sort of applications/devices that user interface with Google Calendar. Yet, in the meantime, this has actually been functioning actually well for me. It's simply a discomfort to set it up to begin with.

2019-05-09 04:43:05

Spanning Sync permits you to sychronise with your Gmail Apps or normal Gmail account, and also will certainly integrate both Calendar and also Contacts in between iCal/ Address Book and also Gmail/ Google Calendar.

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2019-05-09 04:15:20

from iphone safari internet browser:

on the top of the web page:

" take care of tools"

select what sort of schedule you intend to sync


2019-05-09 04:10:33

There is a very easy yet non - noticeable means to do this.

Thinking you've obtained Google sync set up, and also you can see your one Google Calendar on your phone currently, most likely to (it requires the www ; it does not need to get on your iPhone). You'll see a checklist of tools you're syncing. Select your iPhone.

On the next screen, you can pick which of your Google Calendars you intend to sync with your iPhone. Examine package alongside the wanted schedules, after that struck Done or Save or whatever it claims near the bottom.

Open iCal on your iPhone, and also offer it a while to sync, and also you currently need to see every one of your picked Google Calendars on your iPhone.

For one reason or another, you can not transform the shades of the schedules on the iPhone, so I transform the shades in Google Calendar to match what the iPhone choices.

There made use of to be a restriction of 5 Google Calendars that you can sync to the phone, yet they lately elevated the restriction to 25.

These very same guidelines relate to the iPad and also iPod touch. I've obtained this set up on all my tools, and also it functions like a beauty.

This is recorded by Google below :

2019-05-09 02:02:26