Play sound of flash video while screen is off?

I intend to pay attention to the audio section of flash on my Droid ideally with the screen off. Websites like have wonderful meetings in flash that I intend to simply pay attention to.

2019-05-07 10:31:54
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Answers: 2

Look at the No Video Player application.

2019-12-01 19:57:34

This might be a foolish point to claim, yet have you attempted filling a website with flash, and also allowing it play? I would certainly have assumed it would certainly simply proceed also if the screen goes space.

If it does stop when the screen goes empty, can you download it and also play it making use of among the sound gamers that supports.flv and also has the alternative to proceed playing in the backgound? Exists an application that can play.flv?

Pertaining to playing non - MP4 or H. 264:

Here's a SO question concerning having problem quiting flash when leaving the internet browser.


2019-05-09 04:28:23