What trendy points can you do if you hack EFI

I assume I'm appropriate in assuming Intel Macs make use of EFI.

I listened to rumours that you can create low-level password defense and also also install a covering. Details is thin and also minimal.

Have any kind of power customers hacked their Mac EFI? If so, what did you do and also just how?

2019-05-07 10:34:00
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Yes, you can install a covering. You can additionally arrangement a firmware password, though you usually make use of energies that run under Mac OS X to set it up (Apple include's Firmware Password Utility on the install DVD, yet does not in fact lay it down on the system dividing).

EFI is possibly much less intriguing from an enthusiast viewpoint than OpenFirmware was. Also if you install an EFI covering, you just have accessibility to a minimal scripting setting (primarily comparable to slam), unlike OpenFirmware where you can in fact write significant points straight in Forth (approximately and also consisting of creating boot vehicle drivers straight at the console without a different OS and also toolchain).

In order to do anything significant with EFI you require to construct a cross compile toolchain to compile to indigenous code or EBC, and also as soon as you do that you could too simply compile a standalone binary and also make it resemble a boot vector and also simply have the firmware boot your code like an OS.

2019-05-09 03:15:05