Including RSS/ATOM feed for an entirely static internet site

I am aiding a close friend to bring a large, entirely static internet site out of the rock age. One point I would certainly such as to add quickly is a RSS/ATOM feed.

He does not such as collaborating with any kind of sort of CMS. He makes his web pages making use of a Dream Weaver layout, after that posts it and also by hand updates some web pages to link to the new web content. His website does really, quite possibly in internet search engine, yet he's not fairly interesting new site visitors that would possibly place him in their viewers.

Exists something I can install that permits him to conveniently/ by hand add new things to a feed? Probably something that if offered a link could bring a web content passage?

Searching around generated thousands of points that could function, yet several from 2000 or prior that have actually not been upgraded given that. Language is not essential, yet PHP/Python would certainly be excellent.

I actually require something self organized.


The circulation of this needs to be, web designer makes a new static web page, posts it, web links to it. currently some reference of that web page need to exist in the RSS feed. Preferably, the web designer can simply give the link to the new web page, and also the title with a brief passage would certainly show up in the feed.


Probably also something that simply scratched title/ passage from comment tags, i.e. :

<p>The quick brown fox got p0wned by l33t kittens</p>

I do not require a complete blown parser, simply something that makes it very easy for a person with marginal abilities to keep a prey on an entirely static website.

2019-05-04 03:48:34
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Seeing as he's that right into doing every little thing by hand, why not do them by hand too? ...

2019-05-08 21:30:47

Before locating a clear-cut remedy (I do not have it) you can constantly attempt and also make use of Google for this.

E.g. Login to Google Reader, click the Add switch, add your close friend's internet site there, Google will certainly inform you that it has no feed and also ask if you desire Google to see the web page and also create one for you. After that consider the "feed URL" there (http :// and also have your close friend installed it on his homepage, as his feed URL.

2019-05-08 21:26:19

Dan Bricklin, maker of VisiCalc, has a free item called Software Garden ListGarden that creates RSS feeds by hand :

alt text
(resource :

2019-05-08 20:04:38

There is a wonderful "Note in Reader" bookmarklet trick you can make use of to create personalized RSS feeds

2019-05-08 14:58:55

It would certainly not be also hard to write a PHP/Python manuscript that vehicle - created the RSS feed. The procedure would certainly be :

  • Search the filesystem for the latest documents (as an example take every documents with .html expansion, store in an array with the day, after that get them by day).
  • Make use of an HTML parser to extract the details from those documents (as an example title tag, the first paragraph in a certain component).
  • Write the information to the RSS XML layout.

You need to have the ability to locate a couple of manuscripts (like the HTML parser) to aid you on your means. Or else, ask Stack Overflow for aid :)

2019-05-08 14:44:14

I can not consider anything off the rack, yet you can be rather conveniently manuscript something similar to this in Ruby as an example.

Nokogiri is a preferred XML and also HTML parser that you need to make use of to read the web page offered the link the web designer gives. After that you can extract the passage message and also title. You can read in your existing feed XML, add the new details, and also write it back out.

2019-05-07 21:17:32