Any aid on a HTC Desire GPS trouble after Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade?

I have an HTC Desire with T-Mobile Germany branding. Last Sunday I ultimately obtained the long-awaited Android 2.2 upgrade from my driver. The upgrade ran efficiently. Nonetheless, ever since it does not get the GPS area! Heaven dot will not lock on Google Maps. An additional GPS-App, "Gps Status" can not get the works with, also after virtually half a hr. Reactivate or returning the SD-Card does not aid. I ask yourself if any person below experienced something comparable after the upgrade.


2019-05-07 10:38:40
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I had troubles with GPS with my new HTC Desire (Froyo out of package). I downloaded and install the "GPS Status" and also "GPS Test" applications which revealed just 2 satellites yet were not securing them. Also Google Maps really did not get a GPS lock. I went beyond my area and also attempted yet no good luck. I turned off the cell, got rid of the battery, SD card and also SIM and afterwards placed them back and also reactivated yet still no good luck.

After that I mounted GPS Essentials from the Android Market. I released the application and also transformed the adhering to setups:

  • Gps upgrade interval - > 10 secs
  • Tracking upgrade interval - > 10 secs

After this I touched on "satellites" on the major screen while standing outside. It identified 8 satellites in a couple of secs and also it had the ability to lock to 7 of them. Afterwards every little thing began functioning consisting of "GPS Status", "GPS Test" and also Google Maps (also inside my area).

2019-05-31 22:11:47

I have a HTC Desire that is making use of 2.2 (though when I obtained the phone, it was currently running 2.2)

I've located the GPS to be respectable as a whole - there are times when it is a little bit uneven (sheds GPS signal despite the fact that the environments are the "very same") and also reduce to pin - factor my area.

What I've located aids is to activate 3G information while making use of GPS - this appears to substantially aid the precision and also rate when locating your area.

Additionally, a reboot of the phone (or if you really feel lazy/in a rush - turn aircraft setting on/off) could aid kick some feeling right into the phone.

2019-05-19 12:31:13

Which variation are you upgrading from? Given That Android 2.1 (or 1.5?), the majority of applications will certainly not have the ability to activate GPS instantly, for personal privacy factors. You require to enable GPS establishing : Settings > Location & Security > Use GPS satellites ; there are widgets that permits you to enable GPS from the residence screen too.

2019-05-11 16:45:23

I had this gps fall short take place and also when I first made use of GPS standing application it restarted the phone.

I had actually taken a trip to Adelaide from Perth and also back and afterwards made use of the application Skydroid (golf) for the very first time given that froyo 'upgrade' to uncover it had not been functioning. Making use of google planet in Perth had my area still in Adelaide.

Whilst in Adeliade I has some problem obtaining it to appropriately set the locataion time which was readied to automated usage network given value.

I uncontrolled this and also set the area time to Perth and also reactivated the phone and also every little thing collaborated with complete gps precision.

My concept is that the froyo 'upgrade' some just how srews the timebase computer system registry establishing that the gps makes use of to situate and also sync with the sats. Some just how either forcibly the moment reset or the reset brought on by GPS standing application this was reset and also al functions well.

Really shonky screening from HTC/google i assume.

2019-05-11 16:14:26

shot making use of gps standing, most likely to alternative, capteur, take care of a - gps state, pick first reset, after that remodel and also pick download. and also do it outside for the very first time, it's vital. additionally, examine your APN setups in Wireless and also network > Mobile network > APN name. Examine that the apn picked have "supl" in APN type (in all-time low of the checklist), as an example "default, supl".

2019-05-08 21:35:38