Is there a means to instantly transform SMTP web server?

I have a close friend with a email address. For desktop computer arrangement the SMTP web server is, yet this just approves email from IP addresses offered by Virgin Media (that acquired NTL ) as ISP. When on 3G, they can make use of the SMTP web server of their network carrier.

So exists a means to have one SMTP web server for WiFi and also an additional SMTP web server when out WiFi?

2019-05-07 10:47:28
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Basically I had the very same trouble, and also if you had an apple iphone spews on ground I would certainly claim yes (you can set greater than one smtp web server up and also if it falls short on one it'll try out the various other). you can simply get round it by switching off the phones wifi when you intend to send an email (in the house)

Emails can be sent out over the phone network utilizing their smtp web server ( as an example) yet as quickly as you strike your residence network (using wifi) the orange out - going web server will not function (due to the fact that it does not recognize that you are due to the fact that you are experiencing your very own ISP), where as if you transform your smtp web server back to ntlworld it would certainly function (due to the fact that you are utilizing your residence link) (hope that made sence?)

O2 addressed this concern, due to the fact that they had a customer name and also password for their smtp web server, so also if you sent out an email over wifi (in the house) it can confirm that you were and also ultimately send it.

I attempted clarifying this to orange ... it dropped on deaf ears

2019-05-12 08:54:54

They sustain verification to make use of the mail web server to send email - specifically given that nowadays the solution is run by Google. This page covers the settings carefully, yet the key factors are:

  1. Configure it to make use of verification
  2. Configure it to make use of SSL
  3. Configure it to make use of port 465 for SMTP if picking SSL really did not transform it currently
2019-05-12 08:53:45

There are a variety of applications that permit you to program - without - shows to set up problems on your phone that trigger adjustments in settings and also such. Tasker is one a close friend at the workplace makes use of, and also I recognize there went to the very least another (though I can not bear in mind the name now). I've never ever utilized them directly, so I do not recognize specifically what trigger problems they have (such as changing from a details wifi network to an additional information link). You might intend to examine those out however and also see if they fulfill your demands. Oh, an additional is Locale , which looks (according to appbrain) to have a great deal of plugins created for it to add added triggers and also activities ... you might also have the ability to get a plugin created for it to do what you desire if there isn't one.

2019-05-12 08:52:15