With Pages '08, can I add a leading boundary to a title?

I'm creating my resume with Pages, and also I would certainly such as to recognize if (and also just how ) I can add a straight line throughout the web page prior to every message sector with a particular design (particularly, "Header", though that should not matter ).

Will I always need to attract a straight line myself, and also relocate around each time an area increases the size of?

2019-05-07 10:50:56
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This is feasible in Pages '09, so it possibly operates in Pages '08 too.

  1. Select a heading in your record
  2. Open the Inspector (in food selection bar click View - > Show Inspector)

    1. Select the Text area
    2. Select the "More" tab
    3. Under "Borders & Rules", click the dropdown that claims "none" and also select the line you intend to make use of
    4. Below the dropdown select the symbol showing the line over the web content.
  3. Open the Styles Drawer (in food selection bar click View - > Show Styles Drawer)

    1. Since the message is still picked, the heading you are making use of need to currently be highlighted
    2. Click the arrowhead close to the design
    3. Click "Redefine design from option"

Now almost everywhere that you made use of that heading will certainly currently have a straight line over it, and also it will instantly show up whenever you insert new headings.

2019-05-17 06:26:01