Mt shared hosting carrier has hijacked my domain after my enrollment expired, just how can I get it back without paying way too much?

I have a website that I hosed on a shared hosting strategy where the domain name was marketed in addition to the website.

Long-story-short. The internet site enrollment has actually expired and also the strategy was terminated and also currently the organizing compant desires me to pay $250 to acquire my domain back. Exists anything I can do concerning it or do I need to pay whatever they ask?

2019-05-07 10:56:11
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You require to read the licensing arrangement that you accepted when you registered you domain name with them. If what they are doing remains in the area concerning what takes place if your domain name gaps and also you desire it at that time you are possibly mosting likely to need to pay the cash.

Or else you have an opportunity at battling them yet I would not. That cost is embeded in a pleasant place where they are mosting likely to generate income off of you yet it isn't to your benefit to call a legal representative. As the legal representative will certainly cost your far more than that cost.

2019-05-09 02:49:53