Is there a means to disable website vehicle rejuvenate in Safari?

I'm new to Safari ... and also would love to recognize if there is a means to create Safari to hinder the vehicle refresh function that a great deal of web pages appear to make use of nowadays.

Fwiw, my reasoning is to stop huge websites - being rejuvenated consistently - and also therefore eating my download allocations. This prevails with a variety of information websites in Australia - eg.

I recognize there are means to do this in Firefox, yet I would certainly such as to make use of Safari.

2019-05-07 10:56:45
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Sadly (it takes place to me also), a lot of these web pages make use of either a Meta

<meta http-equiv=”refresh”>

or some kind of Javascript to complete the reload every XX secs.

For the previous instance, Firefox (not Safari) had an alternative to disable it (Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> General >> Accessibility - > Warn me when internet site attempt to reroute or refill the web page).

Nonetheless that alternative not constantly functions, particularly with more recent websites ; additionally that is a Firefox alternative just, which evidently you currently found out about.

In the last instance (Javascript) there isn't a lot we can do. Regarding I recognize, no CSS method can protect against that (which would certainly be the only device we can contend the minute). I'm certain that at some brilliant (and also burnt out) programmer will certainly create an expansion that records that and also attempts to stop it.

In the meanwhile, you (et cetera people) run out good luck while making use of Safari.

The perfect would certainly be those websites to implement an AJAX kind of interaction that educates the customer that there's new web content. In conclusion, it's a collection of hacks over a fixed method that keeps no "session" deliberately.

2019-05-09 03:44:28