Why are Firefox and also Safari having troubles with particular PDF documents on the internet?

I'm having fits with a particular internet PDF record making use of both Firefox and also Safari. Primarily the record concerned does not contain one large pdf documents; instead it contains a number (20 approximately ) smaller sized documents, one for each and every phase or area, and also the major web page has documents web links per of them. In Firefox on a COMPUTER, clicking the link for area 22 merely opens up that PDF in the existing in-browser window. In Safari or Firefox on Mac ... it does not do anything - I can not browse to or watch area 22. In a similar way, downloading and install the specific documents and also conserving them does not appear to function quite possibly either, though I am thinking about downloading them and also attempting to re-create in your area the directory/file framework the web links appear to anticipate - still sort of a PITA.

Link to PDF document

Does any person recognize of any kind of internet browser add-on or various other device that could be made use of to watch something similar to this on a Mac?

2019-05-07 11:01:24
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There are some PDFs that the constructed - in PDF visitor can not take care of - primarily making use of more recent attributes readily available in Adobe Acrobat or connecting to remote web content. (This does not seem the instance)

One alternative is to download and install and also install Adobe Reader for Mac OS X which can take care of these PDFs appropriately. It will certainly additionally install an Internet Plug - in to hand off handling of PDFs to the Adobe Reader program yet you will certainly see a substantial hold-up in the loading of PDFs.

The various other workaround is download and install the various other PDFs straight from the adhering to URL : http://www.nrahq.org/compete/RuleBooks/HPR/hpr-w##.pdf (change the ## with 01 via 22 for each and every area and also the ## with "Illustra" for the Illustration web page and also the w ## with "apdx" for the appendix).

2019-05-09 04:31:44

Adobe's Safari plugin for their PDF Reader does not operate in 64 little bit setting (and also they do not provide a Firefox/Mac plugin in all!).

Attempt this Adobe kb article to see if establishing 32 - little bit setting for Safari will certainly benefit you. I had comparable isses a while back, and also I needed to re-install Reader (after updating to Snow Leopard) after doing this pointer.

2019-05-08 07:23:08