Sorting of photos, on ipad

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What is the standard for arranging photos, are made use of by iTunes, when you are posting them to iPad?

I'm simply attempting to prepare photos in appropriate order, prior to posting to iPad, yet without success, they are still unordered, when i open this cd on ipad : (


  • relabelled all photos as "0001. jpg", "0002. jpg", etc
  • got rid of all EXIF details from this documents
  • set the same production and also alteration time

it aids most of the times, yet not constantly : ( what i'm doing incorrect? I do not think that it can not do such standard points as a getting of photos in image cd.

Possibly there exists are a device for that? preferably an application for ipad.

2019-05-07 11:02:19
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For image company, you can not fail with Sort Shots. It brings the power of marking to your image collection ; as soon as you get every little thing set up you'll have the ability to locate specifically what you are seeking in simply a number of faucets. I very advise this application to any person attempting to get their photos arranged.

2019-12-01 23:09:41