How would certainly I arrangement Mercurial to track website alterations on a common host?

What details actions to I require to require to set it up?

Do I require unique post-commit hooks to upgrade the remote duplicate of the website?

Do I require SSH accessibility to the remote server?

I'm seeking an arrangement where I can push the adjustments to the remote database and also the adjustments will certainly be released to the internet site.

2019-05-07 11:04:17
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You can set up Mercurial to run an internet server making use of the hg serve. A checklist of runtime alternatives on hg offer are readily available here.

As soon as you have your internet server set up, hg clone http://servername:port will certainly draw a duplicate of the web server's sources, and also hg push from that directory site will certainly upgrade the web server.

To compel the web server to upgrade itself upon obtaining a new push, add the following to the.hg/ hgrc documents in the database:

changegroup = hg update >&2

This needs to complete what you're seeking.

2019-05-09 03:00:36