iPhone inequality in between setups revealing link to Wifi SSID and also 3G in Top left hand edge revealing not attached

Sometimes the setups web page will certainly show I'm attached to a certain Wifi network SSID, yet the 3G logo design in the leading left hand edge still shows up and also I still seem downloading and install using 3G.

What's taking place below - is this a caching concern? A wifi connection concern? Is this an attribute?

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This gets on an iPhone4 with 4.01 - although I've seen it in the past on an iPhone 3G on 3.01.

2019-05-07 11:04:39
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This has actually constantly been a mild trait with numerous versions of the iPhone. What variation of the iPhone are you running, both software and hardware?

I've experienced this specific concern formerly on the iPhone 3G. It appeared that, when the phone is yet to rest, it powers down the wifi to maintain battery, and also upon wake, the Wifi indication does not quickly upgrade. There might additionally be a brief lag in reconnecting to the Wifi after wake too. I've in fact taken the phone back and also had it changed to attempt and also settle this concern on one mobile phone that dealt with it specifically severely. The substitute was much better, yet still revealed several of this practices.

2019-05-09 03:20:18