Desktop customization application

Are you tailoring your Mac desktop? If of course, do you make use of a 3rd event applications for that? I would love to recognize which applications you make use of.

Regulation :

  • One application per solution
  • A link to the programmer is essential
2019-05-07 11:04:57
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DateLine presents a straight schedule on your Mac desktop which gives very easy accessibility to iCal and also your occasions. The look of the DateLine is constantly personalized and also themeable.

2019-05-09 04:14:52


GeekTool is a PrefPane (System Preferences component) for Mac OS 10.5. It allow you present on your desktop various sort of details, given 3 default plugins:

File plugin to check MacOS X task with/ var/log/system. log, or any kind of documents that you intend to follow.Shell setting to release personalized manuscripts or commands like "df" to examine room left on filesystems, "uptime" to check load of your equipment ... Finally, Image setting aids you check bandwith use, CPU lots, memory schedule of your web server, using devices like MRTG

2019-05-09 04:10:09