xD card is actually slow-moving to read in Mac OS 10.6.4

I am having a little a trouble moving images off my Olympus 850SW electronic camera (possibly it being pink has something to do with it ).

When making use of the camera

When attaching the camera to the computer system I picked COMPUTER > MTP and also iPhoto opens up and also begins indexing thumbnails. It would certainly rest there (iPhoto claims "Loading Photos ..." ) and also absolutely nothing has actually taken place. The LED on the camera is still blinking.

If I picked COMPUTER > Storage after that the computer system does not respond in all.

When making use of a card viewers.

If I make use of an xD card viewers comparable point takes place. Doing import from iPhoto takes ages for one image, surfing the auto in Finder is just as slow-moving. I can in fact move documents yet it's shateringly slow-moving - takes around 6 mins to move 50 MEGABYTES.

What can I do to repair this concern? It strikes me as a system concern (i.e. OS managing the flash memory card ), as opposed to the camera or the card viewers.

When making use of either camera or viewers with a COMPUTER

Both job penalty and also photos get moved rather quickly.

2019-05-07 11:05:10
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Have you attempted opening up "Image Capture" and also see if it functions from there? I've had comparable troubles in the past with my Kodak.

2019-05-09 06:11:34