Soft ring for earbuds is gone!

The soft ring around the OEM iPhone earbud is gone, and also currently it hurts to make use of these headphones. These soft-rubber rings do not last lengthy either.

The apple store recommended that I acquire a new earphone for $30 to deal with the concern. Wizard!

Exists something readily available that I can adhesive in the area where the soft ring made use of to be? Otherwise, just how do I repair this?

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New earbuds

2019-05-07 11:05:44
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This video clip demonstrates how to change the rubber ring making use of completion of a water balloon:

2019-05-16 23:09:37

A really strange inquiry. The rubber ring is usually shed and also I ask yourself if Apple does it purposefully. Regardless, you will certainly have extra good luck, looking for earbud caps. As an example Full Silicone (made for iPod headphones). If you google for Earphone Cap or comparable, you'll locate a great deal of colors/models/alternatives. Generally they are listed below 5 u$ s.

Either of those will certainly cover your earphone entirely, protecting against the aggravating discomfort from the sharp plastic boundary revealed by the missing out on rubber ring.

An additional tiny benefit of these points is that they protect against cerumen from entering into your earphone.

2019-05-09 05:39:35