Can I SSH images straight to the iOS Camera Roll?

I intend to post an image straight to my iPad (without syncing or downloading and install from email ). I intend to SSH right into my camera roll (/private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE ), post a photo there, and also have the ability to see it in my Photos application (Camera Roll ). When I do this, the images do disappoint up. I also adhered to Apple's calling convention (i.e IMG_001.png ).

Any person have any kind of suggestions?

Many thanks! Thomas

2019-05-07 11:06:52
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Your mosting likely to need to transform some type of index documents that the iPad makes use of to track what images remain in the camera roll. The documents is possibly in some type of exclusive Apple layout, the information of which are not readily available to the general public. You could search in to the layout of the documents that regulates the music collection, which is additionally not public yet the information are readily available around the net many thanks to persistant cyberpunks. I wager the Photos documents layout is comparable, with Albums exchanged out for Playlists. Yet I'm primarily presuming.

All the best!

2019-05-09 06:20:13