Snow leopard web server : make use of a NAS quantity as share factor

I have actually a placed nas quantity (/ Volumes/Volume _ 1 ) and also i would love to create a share factor on this, to make sure that it can be accessed using FTP or whatever.

Yet, when in web server admin > documents sharing, I can not see this quantity.

Exists anything I can do to see my NAS quantity?

PS : that's an embarassment, I intended to mark my blog post snow-leopard-server ... due to the fact that I assumed it made good sense ... yet it's not feasible till I gain these 150 online reputations : )

2019-05-07 11:08:31
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Mac OS X Server does permit the resharing of AFP places yet not SMB/CIFS places. You can nonetheless navigate it by utilizing a symlink (ln -s /Volumes/Volume_1 /SOME/PATH) and also share /SOME/PATH. While both alternatives permit it to function it's not advised (approvals, source fork handling, max documents dimension, etc might create tough to debug concerns).

Conversely on the command line you can make use of sharing (eg. sudo sharing -a path -s shareflags)

2019-05-09 04:33:40