iPod power conserving

I ask yourself if there is a distinction in battery intake in between these 2 instances :

  • I shut down the iPod without application on.
  • I shut down the iPod with an application on.

Is the application actually stopped, or is it still eating power while "hibernate"?

2019-05-07 11:09:03
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Answers: 1

It need to be close to the very same ; when you "suspend" your iPhone/Pod/Pad, all applications are put on hold and also just marginal solutions continue to be on (like Push, music gamer assistant in instance you push play from an earphone control, alarm systems if you have schedule, etc).

Yet 3rd event applications are quit, unless they have a solution making use of the multitask API. Yet claim you have X - Plane running and also you instantly transform the tool off (suspending it). The application is instantly conserved to "memory" and also the procedure is quit. No added battery needs to be made use of till the iPod is powered up once more.

2019-05-09 06:20:40