Sending out a straight or exclusive message in Twitter

I've come across straight messages in Twitter yet I do not recognize if that's the very same as making use of @username or is something else.

What is the distinction (in instance they are various) and/or just how could I send a straight message to a fellow Twitterer? Is it like an exclusive message?

2019-05-04 03:56:34
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Direct messages, generally described as merely DMs , are just one of the only components of Twitter that are exclusive.


Basically, straight messages are messages you send straight to an additional Twitter customer ; no person else can read them , with the exception of the recipient.

Nonetheless, the customer you send a DM to needs to follow you on Twitter . This need was established to decrease the quantity of spam on Twitter.

Sending out a straight message

There's a couple of means to send a straight message :

  • You can send one from the major What's Happening? textbox in the Twitter internet user interface. To do this, you type : d username message or dm username message : username is the name of the customer you're sending out the DM to, and also message is your message.
  • You can DM a person by mosting likely to their account web page and also picking Direct Message from the Actions switch (alongside the Lists switch).
  • You can float over a customer's account image in the timeline/inbox and also select Direct Message from the Actions switch.
  • You can most likely to the Direct Messages tab on the Twitter web page (after you visit) and also select a customer. As soon as you do so, you can write a message customarily and also click Send.

Distinction from @ replies

In your inquiry, you additionally asked just how straight messages are various from uploading @username ... on Twitter.

The @username design is called an @ reply . You can utilize it to respond to a person's tweet or simply claim something to them (not to a details tweet).

They are fairly various from DMs :

  • The customer you @ respond to does NOT need to follow you .
  • @ replies are NOT exclusive . They show up to every person, unless your tweets are shielded (exclusive).

Hope that aided!

2019-05-08 07:54:06

From the customer's account web page or your fans checklist, select Direct Message customer from the activities dropdown. Or in the What's Happening? box, type

dm customer "message"

And keep in mind : you can just DM your fans.

2019-05-07 20:07:13