Sync iCal on iPod Touch

Is this regular that the occasions I include my schedule on my iPod does not turn up on the schedule on my MobileMe account? Do I need to do something on the iPod to not just be sync from the MobileMe Account yet additionally push the new occasions on the could?

Keep in mind : I have Mail set up with my MobileMe details on the iPod. This functions penalty.

2019-05-07 11:18:24
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Depends what calendar you're including the occasions to. In the Calendar application, in the leading left, there is a Calendars switch which details all the schedules on the phone. You need to with any luck see your MobileMe schedules therein, classified thus in their very own area. The concept goes that you need to see any kind of occasions on MobileMe that you've included in the schedules detailed under the MobileMe area of the screen.

I would certainly presume you're including the occasions on the iPod touch to the incorrect calendar, yet maybe there's a different concern. You'll require to examine what Calendar is picked on the Event screen when you're including or editing and enhancing the occasion.

2019-05-09 03:22:11