Just how can I filter my Gmail messages that aren't classified?

I would certainly such as to arrange every one of my Gmail messages that do not have tag, so I can refine them (I miss out on some every so often). I can arrange by every tag by clicking it at the left, yet just how do you arrange the unlabeled ones?

2019-05-04 03:59:34
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Updated : There is a blog today concerning upgraded Gmail search modifiers that permit you to do this with a straightforward search!


Keep in mind : Because of Gmails threading you will certainly have tags on several of the messages in the acquired list due to the fact that some messages in a string will certainly have labeling while some will not. (From Gmail Help - Advanced Search site.)

Initial solution :

The Gmail advanced search aid web page claims :

label: Search for messages by tag *

There isn't a search driver for unlabeled messages

Example : from:amy label:friends
Meaning : Messages from Amy that have the tag "close friends"

Example : from:david label:my-family
Meaning : Messages from David that have the tag "My Family"

2019-05-08 05:40:08

One means you can do it is by utilizing the minus driver on the tag driver. So as an example :

-label:tag-a -label:tag-b -label:tag-c

or for one-word tags :

-label:{taga tagb tagc}

This is possibly just sensible if you do not have a great deal of tags.

In addition, if they do not transform usually, you can include a link to this search to make sure that it conveniently obtainable from Gmail. There is a Google Labs item which places a box of web links on the left side and also permits you to tailor them. Simply add a link to this search question and also you'll have the ability to access your untagged messages conveniently.

It seems like there is a greasemonkey manuscript which will certainly function also. Below is the script's website. It develops an unique tag, Unlabelled, to look for all the discussions without an actual tag.

2019-05-08 03:53:21