iTunes : Can I show every one of my podcasts in one sight, to make sure that I can arrange by day?

I have a couple of podcasts that I simply registered for that I would love to pay attention via in order by day.

Exists a means to show all podcasts in one checklist sight? Otherwise, exists a means to arrange my podcasts by the earliest unwatched episode?

2019-05-07 11:26:43
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Answers: 2
  • Make a Smart Folder with "Media Kind is Podcast".
  • Add a column (CTRL+click column headers) for "Release Date".
  • Type.
2019-05-09 05:35:08

You can do this with a Smart Playlist.

  1. Click File - > New Smart Playlist
  2. Configure the regulation so it reviews "Media Kind is Podcast"
  3. Make sure the "Limit to" box is uncontrolled, which the "Live upgrading" box is
  4. Click ALRIGHT

Once this is done you will certainly have a playlist with all your podcasts. To arrange by day, appropriate click the column bar on top and also examine "Release Date". Click the Release Date column to arrange your podcasts by day.

The only disadvantage to this sight is that this sight does not give heaven dot that shows whether a podcast has actually been paid attention to. You can, nonetheless, add the "Plays" column and also usage that rather, as podcasts that have actually not been paid attention to will certainly have a play matter of "0". You can additionally have the clever playlist instantly remove played podcasts from the checklist by editing and enhancing it and also including the regulation "Plays is 0".

2019-05-09 03:30:49