Why Has the "Downloads" folder come to be Read-Only?

Lately my Downloads folder has actually come to be read-only. This protects against Safari create conserving any kind of documents among various other aggravations.

As you can see from the listed below photo the folder is read-only yet I have a lot of disk room.

As you can see in the Info window it not secured. I am visited as a customer with admin civil liberties etc, and so on.

2019-05-04 04:00:35
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If you intend to make use of the Finder to repair this ;

  • In the Get Info window on that particular folder click to the secure the really lower right of the window to unlock the approvals. It will certainly request for your username and also password.
  • Adjustment the value close to your name (the one that claims (Me)) to Read and also Write from Read Only.

Regarding why this took place - maybe several points ; a severely acted installer, a mistyped command or another thing that isn't very easy to see after the reality.

2019-05-09 05:41:29

You really did not define that you can not transform it back making use of the Info GUI, yet I'm thinking that to be the instance, given that it would not actually be a concern or else.

A solution to attempt would certainly be to transform the approvals from the command line :

  1. Open Terminal.app
  2. Enter cd ~
  3. Enter sudo chmod +w Downloads
2019-05-07 22:02:36

I believe that you might have run an application straight from the Downloads directory site, which application has made the directory site which it stays in ReadOnly to stop any kind of adjustments being made to it?

2019-05-07 21:59:20

Silly inquiry, yet have you attempted running Repair Disk Permissions from Disk Utility?

2019-05-07 20:58:30