MobileMe iDisk Folders

What are the adhering to (default ) iDisk folders made use of for :

  • Backup
  • Groups
  • Library
  • Sites
  • Software
  • Web

If you delete them and also wait a couple of mins they will certainly re-appear, yet I do not recognize what they are made use of for. There is a record in them clarifying their usage, yet it is still unclear.

2019-05-07 11:27:56
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Answers: 1
  • Backup is made use of by the MobileMe Backup application. I do not advise utilizing it.
  • Teams is for a currently obsolete Groups include that they made use of to have.
  • Collection is made use of for MobileMe's syncing attribute - largely for Preferences and also Bookmarks.
  • Websites is made use of for pages or anything you desire shared at Keep in mind : PHP documents, CGI documents, etc do not function. It just collaborates with fixed web content.
  • Software program has free software program given by Apple to MobileMe consumers (eg. the Backup application) - this does not influence your disk use.
  • Internet is a folder made use of by iWeb - or else it's virtually the same to the Sites folder yet is readily available at
2019-05-09 03:33:44