Is there ANY means to modify, or at the very least watch a MobileMe gallery on iPad?

So I have a MobileMe account. (Yes, I recognize that there are free choices; my better half despises adjustment. )

So I upload galleries of photos on MobileMe, and afterwards from a computer system I can either :

  • Log in to my MobileMe account as the proprietor, where I can see my gallery, and also modify it (delete photos, and so on )

  • . Most likely to the general public, shared, gallery link, which permits me to watch or download and install images, yet not modify the gallery, similar to the individuals I share the relate to canister.

Yet from my iPad, I can not actually do either :

  • If I attempt to head to login to MobileMe (at ), the MobileMe website sees that I'm on a smart phone, and also will not open, transmitting me rather to the application store to get the mobileme gallery application, which is for the iphone, and also ranges images in an entirely ludicrous means on the ipad. There is no alternative to open the "regular" complete internet site.

  • If I attempt to head to the common gallery link from my iPad, I can see the images, yet the thumbnails on the side make use of some sort of internet technology that the iPad does not have, so I angle scroll. I can just open the images from the thumbnails that fit onto the ipad screen. (Yes, I attempted 2 finger scrolling. )

Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-07 11:28:27
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MobileMe Gallery App is currently a global application.

2019-05-10 21:41:07
2019-05-09 06:05:50