Checking numerous mail folders in MobileMail

MobileMail checks my IMAP Inbox occasionally which functions penalty. Yet I additionally submit e-mails instantly on the mail web server side to some sub-folders of the Inbox. Is it feasible to make MobileMail examine those also to make sure that I get alerts when new email gets here in those folders?

2019-05-07 11:34:57
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MobileMe just has push mail allowed for the Inbox itself, and also also after that it still does not sustain real-time upgrading the means Exchange does. Ie. If I delete the email on MobileMe or perhaps in Apple Mail or Outlook, the iPhone does not get alerted of the adjustment. It will just grab the adjustment on the next push alert for an inbound mail.

Nonetheless, they are proactively attempting to boost the MobileMe system, so I predict this coming to be feasible in the future.

2019-05-10 16:55:02