How-to construct a sight in winamp where every musician that just has 1 track is left out?

I have actually attempted to make use of the edit sight attribute in winamp.

I modify the existing audio sight and also add a filter claiming tracks not equivalent 1.

Nonetheless, whatever I do I can not appear to make it function.

What I'm after:

I intend to create a sight where I just see musicians that I have greater than one track of.

  • I do not intend to transform features on the files.


2019-05-04 04:03:35
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I'm sorry, yet I assume it is not feasible in existing variations of Winamp. That filter that you have actually been establishing (tracks > 1) compares to an area "Track #" in the ID3 tag of a documents, not with a variety of tracks of a details musician.

TRACKNO: Track variety of documents
TRACKS: Total variety of tracks on the disc

In instance, if your "Track #" area in the ID3 tag has "1/ 20", after that TRACKNO = 1 and also TRACKS = 20.

2019-06-01 10:29:07