Why does my Spotlight index get damaged?

Lately I have actually been having a concern where at the very least as soon as a month my Spotlight index obtains damaged, and also I can no more look the web content of mail in Mail.app. I can deal with the trouble by taking my HD out of Spotlight, and afterwards placing it back in, yet it after that takes around 4 hrs to re-index the drive.

Why is my Spotlight index obtaining munged? Do various other applications besides Finder mess concerning with it?

Exists a means to maintain the index maximized or fix it, such as when I fix a MySQL table?

2019-05-07 11:39:45
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Just for reference, Spotlight index should not get damaged, yet when that's the instance see this question.

You need to bear in mind that spotlight is a data source and also thus is vulnerable to corruption ; contrasted to relational data sources as an example, spotlight can just be removed and also restored when that takes place. There's no "spotlight - fixing" command (one can just desire).

In conclusion, it's uncommon to see Spotlight falling short in OS X 10.6, it has actually been really secure contrasted to the first Tiger variation.

Exterior applications, on the various other hand, can take advantage of the APIs to store details in the metadata, and also below's where we blow up of what enters there. If one exterior application is saving negative information, it can create the entire index to go nuts.

Given that you have a healthy and balanced functioning index currently, attempt it for a couple of weeks and also take notice of any kind of application or energy that asserts to sustain Spotlight.

All the best!

2019-05-09 01:38:47