How to get even more exact 'Read' statistics in Google Reader

Google Reader gives statistics on the % Read for each and every feed. The trouble is that a lot of these (for me at the very least ) go to 100% so are not really valuable.

I make use of the 'j' faster way key to flick via the unread things yet this instantly notes the thing as read also if I really did not in fact read it.

Just how do I note a thing as 'not new' to make sure that the statistics give an exact sight of my feed analysis behaviors?

2019-05-07 11:42:36
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Answers: 2

Use the n (next) and also p (previous) faster ways as opposed to j/ k to select the next thing in the checklist sight without opening it .

2019-05-09 04:16:07

You're requesting for an "overlook this blog post" attribute. This does not exist until now.

I directly make use of n/p as opposed to j/k and also mark all blog posts that I am not mosting likely to read once more as "read" - despite if I in fact read them or if I simply intend to overlook them.

Points to read later on are maintained unread and/or starred. It's instead very easy to arrange Google Reader similar to this.

Nonetheless, I concur that it might be hard to gauge which feeds contain primarily dull (hence "overlooked") blog posts. You might attempt to make use of the "Like" attribute rather, yet this is an instead unrefined workaround.

2019-05-08 23:59:24