Is Cherokee, Mono, and also Linux absolutely a sensible choice to Windows and also IIS for manufacturing ASP.NET internet site?

I have actually had fun with Apache and also Mono and.NET on Linux in the past, yet I have yet to release any kind of substantial manufacturing websites to that pile. I lately located Cherokee and also a write-up concerning making it possible for FastCGI Mono assistance and also asked yourself if any person had any kind of excellent or negative battle tales concerning supplying ASP.NET on a Linux pile.

2019-05-07 11:43:49
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As a 100% FOSS customer myself, I would love to claim yes:

But it functions penalty till you understand that a collection is half applied and also it is new and also trendy and also would certainly be actually valuable (LINQ to SQL as an instance)

2019-05-09 04:17:10