How do I stop iCal from constantly requesting for a password?

I have numerous (webcal ) registration schedules on my iCal. 2 of them call for passwords saved in my keychain. At normal periods, iCal will certainly request for my keychain password. Exists a means to set up iCal to make sure that it acts the means does, that is, one kinds the password as soon as when the application is discharged and also after that it simply utilizes it?

My keychain is readied to unlock when I visit; the webcal things in the keychain are readied to permit any kind of application to access the thing.

2019-05-07 11:46:14
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Have you seen the adhering to food selection in Keychain Access application?

Open Keychain Access application (usage spotlight!), select your login Keychain and also in the Edit food selection:

select 'Change Settings for Keychain "login" ...'

This brings you the adhering to screen:

If you have either of those, iCal will certainly locate the Keychain secured when it attempts to sync.

2019-05-09 04:23:04