Online transcription solution of a voice memorandum

Is there an internet application which develops a transcription of a voice memorandum?

2019-05-07 11:54:23
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Voice2Note :

Record voice keeps in mind customarily utilizing your favorite Evernote application on your Smartphone, COMPUTER or internet browser. Or for entirely handsfree voice notes, we'll. offer you an unique contact number to call and also talk your note making use of ANY phone.
2019-05-10 21:56:38

If you stay in the United States you can make use of Google Voice which appears respectable for this instance. The only suggestion I need to utilize it, is calling your very own number and also playing the documents. Ok, it not actually an internet application if you utilize it similar to this.

2019-05-09 06:08:32

Jott deal such a solution.

Jott has currently been shutdown, nonetheless they do recommend the adhering to comparable solutions:

Looking for a solution like Jott?

  • Dragon Dictation for iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch from Nuance allows you to talk message for e-mails, sms message, standing updates and also even more, and also see your message show up promptly.

  • Dragon for E-Mail for BlackBerry from Nuance allows you talk message for your e-mails, consisting of the call information in the 'To' lines, the subject and also the body.

  • FlexT9 for Android from Nuance is an one-of-a-kind 4 - in - one keypad application that allows you Speak, Trace, Write or Tap your message for e-mails, sms message, internet searches-- anywhere you input message.

2019-05-09 02:31:49