Just how can I set a default zoom degree in Safari?

I've obtained a Mac Mini that I'm making use of as a Home Theatre COMPUTER, and also my only actual issue is that I can not set a default zoom degree in Safari. It's tough to read all that little message from 7 feet far from my TELEVISION set, so I'm constantly focusing.

So: exists some expansion or concealed hack means to compel Safari to focus instantly?

2019-05-04 04:07:35
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There is a remarkable safari expansion, SafariMagnifier, which can set default zoom - in range for every single web page.


2019-05-12 09:45:00

According to this post from Apple's Safari Support discussion forum :

1 ) Create a documents called defaultzoom.css (or any kind of name you such as, simply see to it it has a css expansion . )

2 ) Copy and also paste in the adhering to :

    body {  
      zoom: 130%;  

adjustment 130 to whatever number matches you. >100 suggests focus , <100 suggests zoom out . Do not neglect the % percent indicator!

3 ) In safari, most likely to Preferences > Advanced. Under design sheet, select Other ... and also indicate the documents you developed.

4 ) You might require to reactivate safari for the adjustment to work.

[In the above, both the focus and also code format (for non-code-related message ) were included in the initial quote by Am1rr3zA ].

2019-05-07 21:52:46