What are the benefits of making use of SVN over CVS?

My firm is making use of CVS as our de-facto criterion for resource control. Nonetheless, I've listened to a great deal of individuals claim that SVN is much better.

I recognize SVN is more recent, yet apart from that, I'm not familiar with its advantages.

What I'm seeking is an excellent, concise contrast of both systems, keeping in mind any kind of benefits or negative aspects of each in a Java/Eclipse development setting.

2019-05-07 11:58:14
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btw : CVSNT sustains atomic devotes

2019-12-05 02:15:38

I'll second Eridius' pointer of Git, yet I would certainly expand it to the various other DRCS (Distributed Revision Control System) such as Mercurial and also bazaar.

These items are rather current and also the degree of tooling and also assimilation with them appears reduced presently (based upon my first study). I would certainly claim they were ideal matched to the power - programmers around (and also on below ; -) ).

On the various other hand, what does not CVS presently provide for you? From your first inquiry, you do not actually have any kind of, "CVS draws at this, what can I make use of instead?"

You've obtained ta consider up the prices of any kind of possible movement versus the advantages. For an existing task, I assume that it would certainly be tough to warrant.

2019-12-04 07:14:50

One point not to forget is ecological community. I was operating at a CVSNT store, and also I was locating an increasing number of open resource devices sustained SubVersion by default.

2019-12-04 07:13:43

You need to have a look at Git as opposed to SVN. It is a DVCS that is blazing - rapid and also really effective. It is not as customer - pleasant as SVN, yet it is boosting because respect, and also it is not that tough to find out.

2019-05-18 03:06:05

One of the several contrasts:


Now this is really details to that task, yet a great deal of things apllies as a whole.

Pro Subversion:

  • Support for versioned renames/moves (difficult with CVS) : Fingolfin, Ender
  • Supports directory sites natively : It's feasible to remove them, and also they are versioned : Fingolfin, Ender
  • File buildings are versioned ; say goodbye to "executable little bit" heck : Fingolfin
  • Overall alteration number makes construct versioning and also regression screening a lot easier : Ender, Fingolfin
  • Atomic devotes : Fingolfin
  • Intuitive (directory site - based) branching and also marking : Fingolfin
  • Easier hook manuscripts (pre/post devote, etc) : SumthinWicked (I utilize it for Doxygen after devotes)
  • Prevents unintended devoting of conflicted documents : Salty - steed, Fingolfin
  • Support for personalized 'diff' command : Fingolfin
  • Offline diffs, and also they're instantaneous : sev
2019-05-09 06:05:34

The Subversion publication has an appendix that information vital distinctions from CVS, which might aid you make your choice. Both strategies are essentially the very same suggestion yet SVN was especially made to deal with lengthy standing imperfections in CVS so, theoretically at the very least, SVN will certainly constantly be the far better selection.

2019-05-09 06:05:03

SVN has 3 major benefits over CVS

  • it's faster
  • assistances versioning of binary documents
  • and also includes transactional devote (all or absolutely nothing)
2019-05-09 06:02:44

CVS just tracks alteration on a documents - by - documents basis, while SVN tracks an entire devote as a new alteration, which suggests that it is less complicated to adhere to the background of your task. Add the reality that all modern-day resource control software make use of the principle of alteration so it is much less complicated to move from SVN than it is from CVS.

There is additionally the atomic devote trouble. While I just experienced it as soon as, it is feasible that 2 individuals devoting with each other in CVS can contrast each various other, shedding some information and also placing your customer in an irregular state. When identified early, these troubles are not significant due to the fact that your information is still around someplace, yet it can be a discomfort in a demanding setting.

And also ultimately, few devices are created around CVS any longer. While the new and also glossy - new devices like Git or Mercurial most definitely do not have devices yet, SVN has a rather huge application base upon any kind of system.

EDIT 2015 : Seriously, this solution is 7 years of ages currently. Neglect SVN, go usage Git like every person else!

2019-05-09 05:53:22