Do Macs require to be defragmented?

I do not see any kind of application to defragment my Mac (running OS X ).

Is defragmenting not essential for Mac OS X? If so, why not?

2019-05-07 11:58:52
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Most individuals will certainly inform you Macs do not deal with disk fragmentation, pointing out technological debates most individuals do not recognize.

It is rather real: given that there is absolutely nothing you can do concerning it without spending $20 on something that might not improve the performance of your computer at all, you can rather concentrate on other maintenance tasks and also simply acquire a glossy new mac (or reinstall) when the old one obtains also slow-moving.

Yet: A vital requirement for not respecting disk fragmentation is constantly maintaining some vacuum on your disk (I could not locate any kind of referral not took out of slim air, yet 20% is usually stated).

And also to maintain the realities right:

  • There are features in Mac OS X made to stop several of fragmentation.
  • Apple believes these attributes suffice to save most of their customers from respecting fragmentation concerns, yet additionally claims you "could" gain from defragmenting in many cases (as an example "If your disks are virtually complete, and also you usually change or create huge files")
  • There is no constructed - in or free and also preferred defragmenter energy for Mac OS X (although there are business ones)
  • Some individuals do have actually concerns brought on by fragmentation (1, 2)
  • There is no very easy means to inform if your details trouble is brought on by fragmentation.

BTW (@ Dori is solution), the pointed out Fragmentation in HFS Plus Volumes clearly claims this:

Note that I do not plan to make any kind of cases pertaining to the fragmentation - resistance of HFS npls. I have actually experienced also couple of a quantity to generalise my "outcomes".

P.S. I recognize that internet internet browsers (the area I'm interested in) go to the very least occasionally are influenced by fragmentation (ex.: mozilla, chrome). I myself had a concern comparable to the one defined in mozillla is concern tracker.

2019-05-23 01:19:14

It's not essential. For even more information than you can perhaps desire, read Fragmentation in HFS Plus Volumes by Amit Singh (writer of Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach ).

2019-05-09 07:30:59

HFS, the filesystem Mac OS X makes use of (practically HFS npls) has a variety of constructed - in actions that lower fragmentation of the drive. First, it makes use of level - based appropriation, which is simply an expensive means of claiming that it creates numerous adjoining blocks of information a time (and also consequently naturally has much less fragmentation of information). Second, it makes use of postponed appropriation, suggesting that disks creates are "queued" and also contacted the drive en masse (once more, naturally much less fragmentation). In addition to that, Mac OS X does on the fly defragmentation of documents.

The lengthy and also brief is that fragmentation isn't actually a concern for Macs, which is why you do not see a program to defragment drives in Mac OS X.

As a side note, there are business programs that will certainly defragment drives in OS X, yet this is basically serpent - oil. There could be some tiny degree of fragmentation on your drive, and also these applications will undoubtedly care for that. Yet, it's 100% unneeded, and also you're not likely to see any kind of advantage.

2019-05-09 07:21:28

Generally talking, you do not require to defrag HFS npls. While it is feasible to piece it, the execution in the OS X bit consists of a variety of attributes that often tend to restrict fragmentation, consisting of postponed block appropriation and also warm banding. Unless you do something actually weird (frequently maintain the drive over 99% complete while doing great deals of reviews and also removes) it is really tough to dramatically piece the drive.

The only time it is usually rewarding to defrag an OS X drive is when you are attempting to do an LVM procedure (like reduce a dividing for bootcamp), and also the builtin tools fall short. The factor is that those failings are greatly brought on by some core framework of the quantity (Like the levels or magazine documents) existing in blocks outside the target format. Technically those are documents, yet due to the fact that they are made use of to store quantity metadata the builtin documents action code has problem relocating them on a real-time (placed) dividing, yet defrag energies that work with the disk offline can simply relocate them to the start of the dividing, which permits the quantity resizer to function.

So, while defrag utils are usually not rewarding, they aren't serpent oil, simply really specialized tools.

2019-05-09 07:20:15