Can I make use of bootcamp without reformatting my hard drive?

I would actually such as to install ububtu on my Mac making use of bootcamp yet it needs me to reformat my disk first. I have programs with certificate keys that I do not intend to loosened, or acquire an additional duplicate of, as well as additionally simply do not intend to experience the problem of reformatting.

Exists a means I could do this?

2019-05-07 12:00:01
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Boot Camp does not need you to reformat your drive. HFS+dividings can be real-time - resized by the Boot Camp Assistant or the Disk Utility without experiencing the problem of getting rid of every little thing. No documents on your Mac OS dividing will certainly be influenced.

There is, nonetheless, the instance where you've had your computer system for lengthy and also Mac OS has actually created documents all throughout your drive. In this instance, you will certainly require to defragment your drive, in order to place all your documents in a wonderful adjoining room on your disk drive, to make sure that all the continuing to be room is adjoining also and also a dividing can be made there. Regarding I recognize, iDefrag can do this for around $15. (Disclaimer : I never ever did it and also can not assure it will certainly function. Yet it should. Can a person validate?)

The various other means, if you have an exterior drive, is to replicate all your documents to this exterior drive making use of a software program like Carbon Copy Cloner (free), reformat your drive, after that replicate them all back to your drive. Every little thing needs to resemble in the past and also you'll have no problem other than the moment called for to replicate to and fro (your programs and also your identification numbers and also the such will certainly be undamaged).

2019-05-09 07:38:18