Can I securely bill my iPhone 4 over night often?

Very first time customer, long period of time audience : I've seen this inquiry asked on a couple of various other websites yet without "clear-cut" solutions.

The Apple internet site on iPhone batteries is unclear, at best, and also the closest it involves addressing the inquiry is claiming that a month-to-month deep cycle is an excellent suggestion. (reference)

So, what do you assume-- exists a damaging influence from duplicated, over night charging of your iPhone 4? Does this adversely influence battery efficiency over the long-term? Or exists some chip/ software program that acts to shut down the billing as soon as the battery is rounded off, therefore shielding your hermetically secured little source of power?

2019-05-07 12:00:12
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Each cost 'cycle' is signed up within the phone's software program (very same on a MacBook). If you assume your battery is having concern (and also is still under service warranty), Apple will certainly consider the variety of cost cycles on it and also choose versus that.

Below's a rather intriguing, detailed write-up from 2007 on Apple's take on 'cost cycles' :

2019-05-11 18:08:44

First of all, iPhone makes use of lithium - ion batteries, so you need to adhere to the very same suggestions when it comes to the laptop computer batteries. Consider this and also this inquiries at SuperUser.

One of the most 2 destructive points to Li - Ion batteries are deep discharge and also warmth. Deep discharge is when you make use of the tool till it closes down, after that wait and also try to transform it on. That's negative technique - you need to stop making use of the battery and also consider billing it as quickly as the tool switches off for the very first time. Deep discharge can drastically harm the battery. Comparable batteries are made use of in profesional Bosch power devices like drills and also vehicle drivers. Clearly battery is a heart of such device. When you continuosly make use of a device its battery can get discarged instantly and afterwards the device will certainly shut down - you will certainly be holding the button pushed yet the device will certainly simply stop revolving. The guidebook claims plainly that you should not attempt to release the button and also press it once more to attempt to reactivate the device - according to the guidebook that can harm the battery.

Warmth decreases battery life time. Warmth originates from leaving the phone under direct sunlight, lugging it in a pocket near your bode in heat, placing it alongside a heating system and more.

Clearly you should not do foolish points like puncturing, melting, brief - curcuiting and also going down the iPhone. All various other variables like just how usually you bill it will certainly have really minimal influence on the battery life time. Also Bosch power devices guidebooks do not ever before state anything concerning just how excellent or negative is billing the batteries usually.

2019-05-09 06:20:50

All this buzz concerning just how to bill your batteries is overstated.

Although some batteries (I neglect which kinds specifically) can have much longer lives if billed at "optimum" prices and also temperature levels, the fact appears to be that it does not expand the life by much. Among the study documents I read ended something like if you bill your tool at around 17 levels from 0% till 75% complete you can expand the life-span by concerning 1/ 5 of the complete lifetime.

I have actually billed my tools for days at once, and also my iPod Nano has actually been connected in for months, and also holds a cost the like my various other nano (I have 2) which virtually never ever obtains made use of and also just billed ocasionally.

Finally, simply do whatever is hassle-free for you.

EDIT : Here are some web links to the apple web pages connected to their iPhone batteries:

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