Run an AppleScript by utilizing a keyboard faster way

I require to run an AppleScript making use of a keyboard faster way. Just how can I do that?

I think of

  1. Save AppleScript in textual layout.
  2. Usage Keyboard Maestro to release 'osascript' to run the manuscript when the matching keyboard faster way is called.

What do you assume? Exists far better means to go?

2019-05-07 12:03:50
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Answers: 2

I do it with Quicksilver to release a manuscript that opens up a Terminal window at the very same area the leading Finder window is.

Causes - > [+] - > HotKey, after that select your manuscript, and also pick the "Execute" activity.

It's possibly comparable to making use of Keyboard Maestro, and also claimed software program could be less complex. Though, I currently had actually Quicksilver mounted when I did this, so recycling it was much better.

2019-05-09 05:19:18

A program like Keyboard Maestro can do specifically as you claimed, yet as opposed to conserving the AppleScript as simply normal message you can wait as a manuscript (. scpt) and also simply pass the course to osascript.

A program that I've made use of on and off that is made to do this especially is Red Sweater Software's FastScripts. It's free for approximately 10 keyboard faster ways. Or else I've simply made use of LaunchBar (while others would certainly advise various other application launchers)

2019-05-09 05:10:12