How can I share a Time Capsule link?

I have my Time Capsule attached using wi-fi, and also I intend to share that link with my various other 2 computer systems using their ethernet. So primarily, share the existing wifi link that my Time Capsule has and also see to it that my various other 2 computer systems can connect to the net using that Time Capsule's ethernet ports. Many thanks beforehand.

2019-05-07 12:16:20
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Yes you can. Given That the moment Capsule is an Airport Extreme with an inner disk drive it's reasonably very easy to transform it right into a cordless to wired bridge thinking you currently have it readied to link to the cordless network.

  1. Open Airport Utility and also start Manual Setup on your Time Capsule
  2. Go to the Internet area
  3. Under Internet Connection make certain Connection Sharing is readied to Bridge Mode

If bridge setting is activated it will certainly share the link and also basically imitate a button.

2019-05-09 05:37:58