Is nAnt still sustained and also ideal 3.5/ VS2008?

I am making use of MSBuild to construct my things. I intend to make use of as by Build Server.

Currently, CCNET refers nAnt a whole lot, yet it seems ccnet can do a lot of right stuff nant can do via the task arrangement and also msbuild. Additionally, nAnt appears a little bit in need of support, with a Beta release that is virtually a years of age currently.

Basically : I am in fact fairly satisfied with MSBuild (specifically given that it's the "main" compiler front end ) and also a little bit awkward with nAnt, yet I do not intend to evaluate too soon.

What would certainly be factors to make use of nAnt over MSBuild? Specifically with ccnet, which appears to overlap a little bit with nant in regards to attributes (and also including the automated construct relevant things )

2019-05-07 12:24:08
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If you are fairly satisfied with MSBuild, after that I would certainly stick to MSBuild. This might be just one of those instances where the device you find out first is the one you will certainly favor. I began with NAnt and also can not fairly get made use of to MSBuild. I'm certain they will certainly both be around for fairly time.

There are some basic distinctions in between both, possibly best highlighted by this conversation between some NAnt fans and a Microsoftie.

Surprisingly, Jeremy Miller asked the specific contrary inquiry on his blog last year.

2019-05-07 20:54:50

In my point of view it is extra an inquiry of individual choice. nAnt is a wonderful structure and also MSBuild is virtually as qualified. With the capacity to conveniently create personalized jobs (in both structures ) you can complete virtually anything that you require to do.

I can not address the "still sustained" section of your inquiries, yet I would certainly claim if you are currently comfy with nAnt after that it's possibly sensible. If you (or a person in your team ) knows with MSBuild then that is a great means to go as well.

2019-05-07 19:31:53

Honestly it relies on what suits to your setting much better. If you are making use of a great deal of Non-Microsoft devices, nunit, ccnet, ncover. You will possibly locate far better assistance with nant. Conversely if you are making use of MSTest, TFSBuild, you will possibly locate MSBuild a far better setting. I would certainly find out both and also make use of which every fits even more efficiently with your setting.

2019-05-07 18:49:50

If you've currently obtained a number of personalized jobs you make use of with nAnt, persevere - you do not obtain much with MSBuild. That claimed, there does not appear to be anything that nAnt can do that MSBuild can not at its core. Both can call exterior tools, both can run.Net-based personalized jobs, and also both have a number of area jobs around.

We're making use of MSBuild below for the very same factor you are - it's the default construct system for VS currently, and also we really did not have any kind of nAnt-specific things to bother with.

The MSBuildCommunityTasks are an excellent third-party job base to begin with, and also covers a lot of the personalized things I ever before carried out in nAnt, consisting of VSS and also Subversion assistance.

2019-05-07 18:39:01