Can I regulate just how usually Gmail surveys POP3 make up inbound mail?

I make use of Gmail to manage my mail, yet it's primarily imported by Gmail from an exterior POP3 account.

Generally this functions penalty, yet I; ve had some circumstances where Gmail has actually gone virtually 24 hrs without also attempting to speak to the POP3 web server.

Currently, on Gmail 'desktop computer', I can push the "rejuvenate" switch, and also it will certainly do it, yet when I access Gmail from my mobile, the mobile variation of the website (on Android 1.5, not that it matters ) does not appear to have a means of doing this refresh. AFAIK I can not also access the POP3 setups.

Just how can I get Gmail to question in an assured prompt style?

2019-05-07 12:29:50
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If you look under Google Labs, there's an attribute called :

Refresh POP accounts

" Fetch messages from your POP accounts as needed by utilizing the refresh link in addition to the inbox."

2019-05-10 13:24:33
Source simply released a method to increase the frequency of the checks in Gmail.

It's a little job to set it up, yet basically you require to make certain that your POP3 accounts regularly get new mail.

Gmail bases its mail - bring regularity on just how usually it locates messages in the account when it examines ; if the account just obtains e-mail hardly ever, Gmail will certainly examine it as soon as per hr. From what I've had the ability to inform, offered a normal price, Gmail's mail fetcher appears to maintain at bring two times as usually as mail shows up in the account.

2019-05-10 06:28:56