Importing Google Docs records right into Google Code task

I am organizing tasks in Google Code. I have some records (Specs, Requirements, and so on ) in Google Documents as records and also spread sheets. I require to link these records as Downloads or Wikis in Google Code.

Is this feasible and also if of course, just how?

2019-05-07 12:33:10
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you make the records public and afterwards either:

  • share the link to these public records
  • make a public page of these records (and also link to them)
  • make a public page of these records and also install them right into the wiki using iframes (when possible)

adhere to the standards from

if you intend to admit of the.pdf or.doc or.xls variations of the records, you need to export them by hand to your desktop computer and afterwards post them to google - code wiki as "downloadable documents".

2019-05-09 07:10:22